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Looking for the 'right' rental property management software? Are you tired of paying high prices for software, updates, and tech support? If you want your rental property software to be simple, comprehensive, and easy to use - look no further!

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Managing rental property is a hard job. You don't have time to be fighting with complicated rental software, constantly training employees, calling for customer service and paying high prices for updates and support. The Tenant File makes managing rental property easier, which makes your business run more efficiently - and you have more time to make your property management business successful ...

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The Tenant File is a full featured yet simple property management software.

This excellent rental software includes separate ledgers for your Tenant and Owner accounting.

It is well designed to make finding your information a breeze.


Free. Yes, that's right - you didn't read it wrong. With a new purchase, we offer free 2 months phone and free email support for the past 2 versions. Think about how many software companies offer that kind of customer service! Just call our customer service number between 10am and 2pm CST or email if you have a question.

Our rental property software is easy enough so you shouldn't have to call. But if you do, we'll be there to answer your questions.

That is just one of many reasons the Tenant Fileis America's number one Rental Property Management Software!


We know that the Tenant File Property Management Software will fill your needs. You can 'try before you buy' the product for free by downloading theTenant File Sample Program.

The Tenant File software for landlords is helping thousands of property owners and managers every day.

PRICING (includes 10% discount from retail pricing)

TF100 Tenant File 100 Unit Version $269.95
TFUnlimited Tenant File Unlimited Version $429.95
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